Subaru Certified Collision Center


Rosslyn Auto Body is a proud partner of the Subaru Certified collision repair network. Subaru builds some of the safest and most reliable vehicles on the road today. Choosing where to have your Subaru repaired after an accident or experiencing collision damage can make all the difference.

Why Choose a Subaru Certified Body Shop?

Subaru vehicles have some of the most advanced safety equipment and driver-assist technology. This technology helps either avoid an accident altogether or provides maximum safety for all vehicle occupants should an accident occur.

Our ability to repair these critical safety systems will give you peace of mind that your Subaru is safe to drive again and provide proper safety should another situation ever arise. And, using a certified body shop can help maintain your vehicles value, structural integrity, and appearance.

We have invested in upgrading our tools, equipment, and making sure our technicians are expertly trained on every aspect of the collision repair guidelines from Subaru so we can get your vehicle back to its original factory-built standards.


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